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Transits to Planets in your natal chart.

Stonehenge and the winter and summer solstice
The milky way in the sky
A nebula in the universe


Sun conjunct Sun:

This is your real birthday. There is harmony in spirit and body. The energy today will mark the overall feeling over the next year. It is a time of new beginnings. (133)

When the Sun reaches its natal position, it is considered your real birthday. It may in fact be a day before or after the actual date. On this day, you will want to express your individuality in a way that attracts attention. You will want to be noticed.  Even if things do not turn out as desired today, it does not mean that is how you will be feeling for the year to come. (301)

The Sun represents where your heart lies in this lifetime, where you need to shine. So having it conjunct its natal position will be a time when you foster new plans for the year to come. You are receiving the energy of the Sun giving you the drive to put your plans into action, and any new activity undertaken today may very well having a positive outcome. (292)

Sun sextile Sun:

This is an opportune time for you to be socializing with friends and associates. You are in a harmonious frame of mind, and this will carry over into your relationships. (140)

This transit occurs two months before and after your birthday. You are being given an opportunity to merge with the environment around you which includes friends, neighbours and any group that you have something in common with. Being in group situations is beneficial at this time. Your positive attitude will put you in good stead with those in authority. (298)

If it is two months before you birthday, assess where you are at with the goals you have set for yourself this year. Be conscious of what you are doing and where you are heading, for in about a month, there will be challenges that you will need to face if you do not think things through clearly now. The two months after your birthday is a time when you can see where you have succeeded over the past year, and where some work needs to be done. This is a time of opportunity. (383)

Sun square Sun:   

This testing time occurs three months before and after your birthday. Others may be at cross-purposes with you, forcing you to prove the validity of your actions. (136)

Others may or may not realize that they are creating an obstacle for you to go ahead with your plans, for essentially their motives are not unlike yours. They too have ambitions to get ahead. There may be challenges to confront with regards to a new structure of your life or personality that you have incorporated into your life three months after your birthday. (300)

Three months before your birthday, will be a culmination of those efforts that you began three months ago. They are reaching a critical climax as it is now nearing the time of completion of these efforts that were undertaken. Any success or failures that you experience at this time will become apparent in about three months time. (275)

Sun trine Sun:

Balance and harmony in your life. It happens about four months before, and then four months after your birthday, when you can be yourself without any hindrances. (135)

This is a good time to take a holiday as your energy levels are abundant and life will seem to operate more smoothly than usual especially with regards to work or having fun. Now is the time to prepare for the future, and any obstacles that you may encounter, for things will not always run as easily as they do now. The lack of stress allows you to achieve during this time. (304)

The trine four months before your birthday is a time to assess your most recent accomplishments and how you can take advantage of them to help you in the future. The trine four months after your birthday, is a time for scrutinizing what has worked for you over the past few months, and what has not. Take advantage of those successes, as you are nearing a climax, and let go of those that have not, so you can make room for the new. (350)

Sun opposition Sun:   

Be vigilant with those in authority- you may unknowingly provoke opposition. You are reaching a climax in your affairs and may encounter other people that oppose you. (140)

You may encounter ill health during this time. People with their own ambitions may oppose you, so it is best not to think one is better than one really is, for it will only have a detrimental effect on any successes you have had in the sixth months since your birthday. This time sometimes correlates with a time of failure, which results in a feeling of low vitality. (301)

 We may have to start anew, but it is best not to feel discouraged, as it was a learning curve that did not work out according to plan. It was a lesson of what not to do next time. Interactions with other people will be of paramount importance during this time, as it allows you to become more aware of what is going on in your own life versus those circumstances and people around you. (311)



Sun conjunct Moon:

Your emotional and domestic life will come under focus. There is emphasis on your heart and soul. Relationships with women in particular will be beneficial. (132)

You have an inner sense of equilibrium at this time, as you are able to merge the conscious with the unconscious personality. The home environment and your personal life will come under focus. If there is anything that needs to be discussed or any changes that you want to make around the house, now is a good time to do so. You are able to express yourself well. (296)

This is the beginning of a new year for your emotional life that occurs around the same time every year. If there is anything that you do not want to deal with in regards to your inner life, it will come to the surface now to be resolved. This is a day of inner work, not so much a day of getting ahead in the world. Take note of what comes up today, it will give you a chance of getting to yourself better and what is really going on with your emotional life. (367)

Sun sextile Moon:

Harmony between heart and soul. Relations with associations run smoothly, and you may even encounter a potential partner. Life seems to hum along nicely. (130)

A good day for socializing with friends and neighbours as you are at peace with yourself, and it makes others feel at ease. It is an opportunity for you to invite others over or to go to a social gathering. The harmonious energy you radiate may even attract a new partner. It may develop into a more serious relationship if there are other factors reinforcing this. (300)

As you are feeling at peace with yourself today, it would be a waste not to use the energy for doing something constructive or to smooth out a situation that has been bothering you, for it will be more difficult later on when you are not feeling so at ease. Your personal life and communications will come under focus. (260)

Sun square Moon:                                       

There may be an obstacle today with regards to your professional life and your domestic duties. This energy gives you the potential for making positive change. (139)

If you have been sweeping an issue under the carpet with regards to work or your domestic life, it will reach a point today where the pressure is too much to withhold, so needs to be resolved one way or another. You will become very conscious of your emotions if they are out of kilter with your conscious will, and will be forced to deal with them. (283)

Authority figures or bosses may also come under focus as they are also represented by the Sun. We may react to them in a totally emotional way or be really edgy with others for no conscious reason. You may have to deal with issues based around the home environment or members of the family who are at odds with you today. (261)

Sun trine Moon:

Your heart and soul are balanced. Relationships with the opposite sex will help you to understand yourself. You may help others understand themselves too. (131)

You are in a state of equilibrium in mind and body, therefore you have the ability to reflect on your life and make adjustments where necessary with regards to personal relationships and any areas that have been causing you problems. This inner peace will put others at ease, and they may look to you for guidance. Now is the time to make necessary changes. (294)

If the transiting Sun is separating from the natal moon, use this time to prepare for the culmination of certain areas of your life. If the transiting Sun is nearing the natal Moon you have just gone through a period of eradicating what is not necessary in your personal life over the past few months, so now it is time to make a new beginning. (280)

Sun opposition Moon:

A balance is needed between your professional and personal life. It may manifest as a feeling of inner tension where you are being pulled in two different directions. (139)

Today will be a test to see how well balanced your approach is to handling affairs that deal with your public and private life. If you are conscious in these dimensions of your life and you are able to integrate your subjective as well as objective persona, this can be a day of success for you. Your personal relationships in particular will be highlighted. (295)

 In your domestic relationships you will need to be aware of overreacting in these situations. Your responses may be totally irrational, and you may not understand where they are coming from, as it is your unconscious reactions that are surfacing today. If you are more aware of your feelings, you may feel totally balanced and at peace within yourself today, and your responses to others will be appropriate. (341)


Sun conjunct Mercury:

Today will be filled with communications including sending and receiving letters and conversations with people. Good time to commence a business project. (132)

Sun sextile Mercury:

A good day for communications with friends, neighbours and associations. Your mind is clear. It is beneficial to communicate something of importance to someone. (137)

Sun square Mercury:

Be very clear in your communications with others today, and try to be understanding. It may seem as if others are opposing you, but this is unintentional. (128)

Sun trine Mercury:

This is a beneficial day for study, business or a recreational holiday as your mind is clear and you are in a peaceful state of mind. Communicate what is important to you. (140)

Sun opposition Mercury:

Today you will be busy with communications with others. You need to find a balance between your own opinion versus theirs. You may travel in connection with work. (135)


Sun conjunct Venus:

Good day for socializing. You may meet a new love interest. You will want to be the centre of attention and will do this in a loving way toward those you feel affection for. (140)

Sun sextile Venus:

A day of opportunity with regards to financial matters and negotiations. You will be popular with friends and have the opportunity to meet new ones. Positive energy. (139)


Sun square Venus:

You may encounter a new love interest. You are in a loving and affectionate mood, wanting to have a day of leisure. Be careful not to be a spendthrift today. Creativity. (139)

Sun trine Venus:

Today is a day of leisure and creativity. You may encounter or begin a new love interest. A good day to spend with friends as you are in a loving mood. Smooth things over. (138)

Sun opposition Venus:

Today the central issue will be to learn how much affection you feel you need from another. You will not want to be alone. Relationships will come under focus. (131)


Sun conjunct Mars:

Today you are feeling assertive and you need a constructive outlet for the energy or you will end up arguing with other people or employers, due to the excessive energy. (140)

Sun sextile Mars:

Good day to work constructively with others as your energy levels are high and you have the belief in yourself that you may lack at other times. Good health. (129)

Sun square Mars:

Actions from six months ago are now at a testing time. Others try to find flaws in your actions or whatever was said at that time. Prepare yourself. Watch out for egos. (137)


Sun trine Mars:                                 

A good day to spend on your own to work for you do not feel the need for moral support or encouragement. This is also a good day for exercise as it is a constructive outlet. (138)

Sun opposition Mars:

Watch out for ego conflicts today, a balance in needed. You may be feeling assertive or slightly aggressive toward others. A day of confrontation. (123)


Sun conjunct Jupiter:

Optimism and confidence are keywords for today. A day of expansion for you are trying to incorporate as many things as possible into your life and understanding. (135)

Sun sextile Jupiter:

Group situations favoured with regards to friends or business. You have a sense of harmony and success. Luck is on your side. Good relations with those in authority. (138)

Sun square Jupiter:

This is a day of extremes and excess. Try not to be smug and arrogant or take on more than you can handle as there is the potential for success if you overcome this obstacle. (140)

Sun trine Jupiter:

Things run smoothly with success, and you are in a peaceful frame of mind. You may be inclined to let it slip by which would be a waste. Take a holiday. (122)


Sun opposition Jupiter:

Optimism and confidence. Be aware of overspending or overindulgence. You can get your point across in a positive manner without appearing arrogant. (126)


Sun conjunct Saturn:

You may experience low energy today. Professional activities. There may be advancement in this area. Duties and responsibilities will come under focus. (130)

Sun sextile Saturn:

Responsibility as well as self-discipline today. Work prospects are favoured. There may be contact with an older association or a wise father figure for advice.  (136)

Sun square Saturn:

Energy level is low today. May manifest as a feeling of being torn between responsibilities to yourself versus to that of others? Authority figures may be difficult. (139)

Sun trine Saturn:

This is a day of discipline and self control with regards to work. Your efforts attain lasting results. You are able to concentrate on the task at hand. Good organizing. (140)

Sun opposition Saturn:

Communication with others may be difficult today, which may result in loneliness. You need to find a balance between your obligations and your needs. Low energy. (136)


Sun conjunct Uranus:

This is a day for getting you out of a rut. You will do something unexpected which will shock yourself as well as others. The day is full of surprises and excitement. (135)

Sun sextile Uranus:                                                            

A day of freedom to express yourself. You are alert and lively ready for new experiences. You will not want to stick with your usual routine. You will seek excitement. (138)

Sun square Uranus:

This day may prove disruptive and may manifest as your car breaking down or a sudden separation or argument with someone. You will be feeling rather rebellious. (134)

Sun trine Uranus:               

Express yourself with no inhibitions. Your vivaciousness will attract others. Study of offbeat subjects such as astrology, technical pursuits are favoured. (135)

Sun opposition Uranus:

Find a balance between expressing yourself as an individual and being in partnership with another, or it could amount in an argument. Sudden unexpected events. (135)

Sun conjunct Neptune:

You are feeling altruistic today in its most positive form. If you are in anyway inclined towards drugs and alcohol you may find yourself craving them more so today. (137)



Sun sextile Neptune:

You feel like being of service to others today, putting their needs ahead of your own. Meditation and spiritual pursuits are a way of expressing your sensitivity. (136)

Sun square Neptune:

Low energy and lethargy today. Do not feel discouraged about life’s demands for it is a passing phase. Be on guard against trying to deceive or being deceived. (132)

Sun trine Neptune:

Meditation or spiritual pursuits are beneficial to you today, as you are in a peaceful frame of mind. You may make a sacrifice for others and put your own needs aside. (137)

Sun opposition Neptune:

This is not a good time to enter into negotiations or a contract with another, as you may be prone to deception. Let the confusion pass and then make a better judgement. (138)


Sun conjunct Pluto:

Attending to matters that need repairing will come under focus, whether that be a relationship with another, fixing a car or an appliance. Beware of power struggles. (139)

Sun sextile Pluto:

Transform a situation that you are not happy with. Looking into the underlying workings of human nature will attract you more than anything superficial. (129)


Sun square Pluto:

People in authority may unjustifiably try to exert influence over you with no apparent cause. You are being asked to change areas of your life that are not working. (136)

Sun trine Pluto:

You are in a position today to transform those parts of your life that are not working. You will look to the deeper meaning of what motivates you for understanding. (135)

Sun opposition Pluto:

You will need to find a balance in your dealings with those in authority today, or it may amount to a power struggle for dominance. Situations or objects may need to be repaired. (146)

Sun conjunct Ascendant:

This is the beginning of a new year for you. You are able to express yourself and make a strong impact on the immediate environment. You will not go by unnoticed. (132)

Sun sextile Ascendant:

You are in a sociable mood today with your friends and neighbours. Group situations are where you will shine the most and derive the most benefit. (121)

Sun square Ascendant:

Be clear with your intentions when dealing with those in authority or your parents, as you may unknowingly be trying to dominate others which will cause resistance. (138)


Sun trine Ascendant:

Today you will be in a harmonious mood, and will want to do something that you do not usually do. It is a good time to begin a holiday as you are in the right frame of mind. (136)

Sun opposition Ascendant:

Today is a good day to seek out the help of a professional such as a psychologist or lawyer for example. You may encounter ego conflicts with others. Balance is required. (140)

Sun conjunct Midheaven:

You are very conscious of where you want to head with your career today. Those in authority will recognise and appreciate your positive attitude. Public attention. (138)

Sun sextile Midheaven:

Those in authority may help you to get ahead today, as a result of your own actions that have drawn positive attention. You will do this, not at the expense of your family. (140)

Sun square Midheaven:

Be considerate of others today and not on a one track mind to get ahead and reach your objectives. You may encounter conflict from others that are not in harmony with you. (140)

Sun trine Midheaven:

You are in a balanced state of mind and have a clear understanding of where you want to head in your career, and what you need to do to get there. Others will respect you. (137)



Sun opposition Midheaven:

The home environment and your personal life are going to be more of a concern for you today, rather than career and achievements. Balance in these two areas is required. (140)


Moon conjunct Sun:

There is harmony between heart and soul. Relations with the opposite sex run smoothly. A personal new Moon for yourself that energizes you for the month. (128)

Moon sextile Sun:

There is an opportunity for harmonious relations with friends and groups. A sense of equilibrium allows you to relax. There is benefit in being with others. (131)

Moon square Sun:

There is the potential for conflict in personal relationships as inner tensions rise to the surface to be resolved. Relations with the opposite sex may be difficult. (139)

Moon trine Sun:

Group activities as well as friendships are favoured, for you radiate a sense of harmony which draws others to you. Relations with the opposite sex are favoured. (135)

Moon opposition Sun:

You need to find a happy medium between your public life and your private life or conflict may arise. Relations with the opposite sex may cause problems. (127)


Moon conjunct Moon:

Your emotions as well as women may be more important to you at this time. This is the beginning of your lunar month and your feelings now may affect the entire month ahead. (140)

Moon sextile Moon:

This is a time of introspection when you may prefer the company of women to that of men. A good time to create emotional rapport with the public, or make a presentation. (138)

Moon square Moon:

Your family or domestic relations are prone to discord. You may have disagreements with females in particular. Issues to be resolved will come to the surface. (133)

Moon trine Moon:

Relations with women run smoothly at this time. You are in a maternal frame of mind and project a sense of harmony within the environment. Emotional security enhanced. (140)

Moon opposition Moon:

You need to find a balance between your own emotions and that of others. Do not get so caught up in your own feelings that you do not see the full picture. (124)

Moon conjunct Mercury:

This is a good time to rationalize your feelings as you are able to talk about them in a logical fashion. It is neither good nor bad, it depends on how you are feeling. (134)

Moon sextile Mercury:
A busy time with your friends and associates or exchanges between yourself and others through telephone calls and letters. A good time to verbalize your feelings. (137)         

Moon square Mercury:

There may be an obstacle to overcome with regards to communicating your feelings and emotions to those of your most intimate relations that needs to be resolved. (135)

Moon trine Mercury:                                                                               

Your rational mind and intellect are flowing and you are able to use this sense of equilibrium to communicate to others. Good time to express your feelings to someone. (139)

Moon opposition Mercury:

If you can find a balance between your emotions and your rational mind, insightful communications may take place. If not, take time to reassess your feelings. (133)

Moon conjunct Venus:

You are in a loveable mood, so it is a good time to be socializing or attending a party. You may even meet a new partner during this hour if other factors support this. (135)

Moon sextile Venus:

This is a good time to be spending with your friends or lover. You are in a loving mood so being around people and sharing this energy is where you will benefit the most. (137)


Moon square Venus:

This is a good time to spend with loved ones, or socializing as you are in an affectionate mood and will want to get to know people.

Moon trine Venus:

This is a good time to spend with a loved one or friends. This is a good time for love relationships as you are in a pleasant mood.

Moon opposition Venus:

Beware not to over indulge in food & drink. Interactions will loved ones may be smooth or require a balance. It is usually a pleasant time.

Moon conjunct Mars:

You may feel irritable for a short period of time. It is not a good time to discuss anything of importance to you as you may be defensive.

Moon trine Mars:

This is a good time to take the leadership role with a group of people. You are assertive and stand your ground in a positive manner.

Moon opposition Mars:

Relations with females or in the domestic scene may not run smoothly at this time. You are highly irritable and easily angered at this time.



Moon square Mars:

Take time to assess whether or not your reactions to people are warranted, or whether or not you are over reacting & too emotional.

Moon sextile Mars:

You are assertive & express your feelings sincerely. A good time to be working with others. You have common aims & they respect you in return.

Moon conjunct Jupiter:

Relations with females are beneficial at this time. You are in a happy mood & generate this feeling in others.

 Moon trine Jupiter:

You are in a happy and generous mood. You extend emotional & physical support to others through a feeling of generosity.

Moon opposition Jupiter:

A balance is required between your generosity given to others versus what is expected of you. You will usually be feeling good anyway.

Moon square Jupiter:

Feelings of benevolence and generosity are common at this time. You may feel a leaning toward anything that views life intellectually.



Moon sextile Jupiter:

Relations with women run smoothly at this time. You will want to spend time with friends you have known for a long time.

Moon conjunct Saturn:

You may feel lonely and depressed at this time. You are inclined to be looking more on the negative side at this time. It will pass.

Moon trine Saturn:

Your emotions are controlled and you view life from a realistic perspective. You may decide to have some alone time to evaluate your life.

Moon opposition Saturn:

You may feel like being on your own at this time, and not wanting the aid of others which enhances the feeling of loneliness.

Moon square Saturn:

Try not to dwell on feelings of depression and negativity. Things seem worse than they really are! Relationships with women may be difficult.

 Moon sextile Saturn:

You may seek the aid of and older person at this time whom you respect. Or you may decide to have some alone time to reflect.



Moon conjunct Uranus:

Your are inclined to act hastily and impulsive at this time. Your moods are open to fluctuation or you may be with a female who is like this.

Moon trine Uranus:

You want to do something out of the ordinary at this time that is different to your everyday activities. There may be an unexpected surprise.

Moon opposition Uranus:

You will be in an impulsive and excitable mood at this time. You may attract people that are different from your normal crowd.

Moon square Uranus:

You are in a rebellious and excitable mood. You may act hastily and in ways that you would not normally act in a more sober mood.

Moon sextile Uranus:

You will want to spend time with those that are exciting, or you yourself will be in an excitable and restless mood. You are feeling rebellious!

Moon conjunct Neptune:

You are like an emotional sponge at this time. Be careful of who you associate with. You may take on their feelings & think they are your own.



Moon trine Neptune:

You will be in a dreaming state of mind at this time. You have great sympathy and empathy for others. You are sensitive to others emotions.

Moon opposition Neptune:

You are sensitive to others emotions at this time. Just be sure that what you are feeling is real. You may be feeling confused emotionally.

Moon square Neptune:

You may feel in a dreamy state of mind and not see things clearly. Drugs and alcohol will only enhance the confusion.

Moon sextile Neptune:

You are sensitive to others emotions at this time. Associate with positive people for you are like an emotional sponge.

Moon conjunct Pluto:

You are prone to feeling intensely emotional at this time. Relations with women may be intense and any love relationship will be the same.

Moon trine Pluto:

You feel your emotions more intensely at this time and are able to feel how another is feeling. It will enrich any love relationship.



Moon opposition Pluto:

There will be emotionally charged interactions with others. Your unconscious drives take over, so it is not the best time to reach a conclusion.

Moon square Pluto:

You may have to adjust your emotions before interacting with another at this time. Compulsive emotional patterns.

Moon sextile Pluto:

Deep feelings and emotions allows to understand the inner workings of your relationships with a loved one or others.

Moon conjunct Ascendant:

You feel a lot more emotional than usual during these hours. Beware of unconscious behaviour patterns in your responses.

Moon trine Ascendant:

This is a good time to spend with females or any relationship that requires an emotional connection. A good time to deal with the public.

Moon opposition Ascendant:

Your interactions with a female, business associate or others takes on a much more emotional tone. Beware of being subjective in your approach.



Moon square Ascendant:

This is not an ideal time to make a decision that requires a reasoned and logical approach, as you are feeling very emotional and may not see things clearly.

Moon sextile Ascendant:

A good time to spend with females or relatives that you share a past with. You are sensitive to another’s mood and able to empathize.

Moon conjunct Midheaven:

Your emotions are on display for the public to see. Therefore this is a good time for making a presentation to the public at large.

Moon trine Midheaven:

Your emotions are in harmony with your life purpose. It is a good time for dealing in business as you are able to relate to others emotionally.

Moon opposition Midheaven:

You will prefer the comfort of your own family rather than being out in the public eye. Recharge your batteries in the quiet of your home.

Moon square Midheaven:

There may be tensions in your domestic life that are affecting your career. If not you have the emotional ability to relate in the business world.

Moon sextile Midheaven:

This is a good time for dealing with the public or business world. You may prefer the comfort of familiar surroundings.



Jupiter conjunct Sun:

Good health, good humour, striving for property, success in profession, happy associations, marriage, success with authority or superiors, good fortune in general. (142)


Jupiter sextile Mercury:

Thinking optimistically about the future. Good news & common sense, wealth of plans, organizational talent, optimism, advantageous transactions, successful trip. (142)


Jupiter conjunct Venus:

Harmonious relations with others, making oneself popular, happiness and joy, receipt of affection, living well, joy of love, sincerity, and attractiveness. (135)

Jupiter conjunct Mars:

Fortunate action, signing of contracts, desire to do great things, strive for success, skill in negotiations with authorities and superiors, agreements. (132)

Jupiter conjunct Jupiter:

Marriage, baby, divorce, education or travel may occur during this time. This is a time of new beginnings in your life, where you may achieve success and recognition.


Jupiter conjunct Saturn:

Freedom from restriction, change of job, change of relationship, change of residence.

Jupiter trine Uranus:

Lucky in life and love. A sudden fortunate change such as meeting a new partner, a promotion at work, or a sudden lucky windfall of money. ‘Phew thank God for that!’

(135 )


Expect this day to be full of surprises! If you have been worrying about a particular situation you can expect a sudden new and exciting opportunity that presents itself that releases the inner tension where you feel ‘Thank the Lord!’ You have a need to delve into inner truth on the philosophical or metaphysical level and experience a new found sense of freedom.



Quite unexpectedly there may be a sudden opportunity that may involve a lucky encounter with another person, a sudden promotion at work, or a sudden lucky windfall of money. This is also a good day to take out a lottery ticket if you are usually lucky in this way, as the odds will be on your side.


On this day you will suddenly want to express yourself in a new and exciting way, therefore getting you out of a rut. Any new activity undertaken at this time will turn out quite well for you just make sure it is not just a novelty.



Jupiter conjunct Ascendant:

You may find yourself in nice surroundings, or attract a beneficial partner at this time. You may travel at this time. Beginning of a twelve year positive growth cycle. (140)


Saturn sextile Sun:

This is a time of re-structuring of self. It is flowing energy, so this should not be difficult. Work may come under focus, with the possibility of success in this area. (139)

Saturn conjunct Venus:

You are forced to re-construct your closest relationships. Your love relationship may come under focus. You may need to be economical with your finances. (130)


You may feel unloved during this time, or someone from the past, a lot older or a lot younger comes back into your life. Whatever it is, it will be a serious relationship. You may even decide to end a relationship during this transit.

Saturn square Mars:

Feeling as if the brakes have been slammed on.  In submissiveness, weakness, inclination to illness, mental and emotional pain, sorrow, harm from others. (130)

Dissatisfaction or displeasure stemming from great difficulties and antagonisms, severity, harshness.

Saturn conjunct Saturn:

This time marks a psychological maturing phase in your life. Marriage, baby, divorce, change of career, change of religion, change of residence may occur at this time.


When you reach approximately 29/30 years of age, you come face to face with your ‘unconscious’ personality that has been running your life up until this point. You need to “merge” it in with your “conscious” personality. It now wants acknowledgement. Marriage, baby, divorce, change of career, change of religion, change of residence may occur at this time.


It will take two to two and a half years to complete this cycle. You may feel as if there are obstacles left, right and centre to get ahead. Even though this time is confining, it is one of the freest times in your life, as you are finally making choices that you want for your life. Parents, early schooling, early friends, early environment ‘moulded’ you to make the choices that you made. It was not necessarily what you wanted.


You are presented with certain ‘lessons’ that you need to learn. For in the universal eyes you have learnt enough lessons in all the areas of life, and it is now time to put away your ‘toys’ and mature.


Make your choices wisely, for if not for the rest of your life, for a very large portion of it, this will be your true path in life. You are now about to enter the main stage of life, which is between the ages 30-50 years.


Between the ages of 58-60 years, it is a time of slowing down, a time of focussing more on the spiritual side of life. The outside world, career and achievements, are not so important to you anymore. It’s a time of quietening down.


Saturn trine Uranus:

A sudden opportunity for change of job, change of relationship, change of residence. Whatever problems you were having 5-7 years ago are now starting to settle in. (137)


The adjustments are now smooth.


Saturn opposition Ascendant:

Depressed surroundings, sharing sorrow with others, estrangement, separation, living in straightened or impoverished circumstances, illness, hospital stay. (139)

Saturn conjunct Midheaven:

You begin to ask yourself some serious questions about where you are headed with your life and career. What have you achieved in the eyes of the world that is in concrete? (140)


 It is the highest point in the chart; therefore you readily feel the energy of the planet Saturn, forcing you to reassess your goals and aspirations in life.


Uranus conjunct Sun:

You can express yourself like never before. There is a liberating change to your sense of self. Originality, foresight, organizational flair, tendency to sudden changes, alteration and travel, improvement of life position, betterment of health through new methods of treatment, sudden recognition, professional advancement.

In the case of women, this transit can indicate the sudden involvement with a male.


Uranus sextile Sun:

A sudden livening up of self, able to express yourself like never before. This a liberating transit, getting you out of a rut. For women this may involve sudden involvement with a male.


Uranus sextile Mercury:

Inventive spirit, desire for change of pace or alteration, organizational talent, good intuition, good critical faculty, invention, new plans and stimuli, intellectual flexibility, new connections, sudden journeys. Wasting one’s energy, nervous haste, errors, mistakes, moodiness, upsetting of plans, upsets through letters or gossip, nervous disorder.


Uranus sextile Venus:

A sudden livening up of your social sphere. Relationships are unpredictable. Only time will tell if a potential relationship is stable in the long run! (127)

They may end as quickly as they begin.

Uranus conjunct Saturn:

Tension, stress, separation. Sudden change to the structures of your life you thought would always stay the same. Mental and emotional pain, disputes, resistance. (139)


Uranus opposition Uranus:

It is time to pull yourself apart and put yourself back together again differently. The changes that you make will shock everyone around you as it is so sudden! (132)

This is commonly known as your mid-life crisis. It is actually your Uranus Uranus opposition. You begin to tell yourself ‘I’m not that old, but then again, I’m not that young, and have I achieved everything that I wanted to achieve in life?’, and usually the answer is no! So you begin to make radical and unexpected changes that shock everyone around you! (294)


 Whatever the changes may be, you may see it as dis-organization, but it is actually re-organization. Young women, fast cars, are classic of this transit for men to confront, that are in an unhappy relationship, as they are trying to get in touch with their youth. The same energy occurs with women. The changes that occurred when you turned 29/30, was getting you more in touch with your individuality, whereas this transit is getting you more in touch with your ideals in life. Whatever you did not finish off when you were younger, will often come back up to be resolved. (473)

Uranus opposition Pluto:

This is a good time to be doing a chuck out. Sudden transformative change is indicated.


Uranus conjunct Ascendant:

This is a liberating transit to do with your immediate environment, and/or your personality. If you are overweight, you suddenly become skinny, if you are quiet, you suddenly become loud.


You may travel or change the way you dress. Whatever it is, you do not care what people think of you during this time. You are rebellious, you go the opposite to what you have always been.


Uranus opposition Ascendant:

At this time there will be sudden and unexpected changes to do with your serious one-on-one type partnerships such as marriage and/or business, as well as your immediate environment, and personality.


If you are single, you get married, if you are in an unhappy relationship, you may break up, if you carry weight, you suddenly lose it. You may even travel at this time. Whatever the change is, it will be liberating, and unexpected.



Pluto conjunct Sun:

Over time the veils of karma mask your authentic nature. When Pluto comes along, it literally rips away the veils of karma, to reveal the always latent personality underneath. The effects of this transit may not be apparent until five to ten years later, as the energy is so concentrated. At the end of this transit you will feel as if you are yourself again. (295)


You may feel as if you have to fight to prove who you are during this time. Either you are the victim of bullying, or you are the bully yourself which is not advised, as it probably will not turn out in your favour.

Pluto trine Sun:     

Striving for power through physical strength or mental effort, unusual creative energy, concentration on goals, self-assertion, realization of new ideas. (134)


Pluto square Mercury:

Unceasing pursuit or aim, advertising executive, desire for public acclamation, professional ambition, success as orator, or writer.

All thought, communication and exchanges with others will take on an even greater significance and intensity during this transit. Your ideas and opinions on many topics will undergo a transformation. You may find you get into power struggles with people to do with your opinion on a topic, or theirs. Either way, at the end of this transit, the way your mind works will have been transformed.

Pluto sextile Mercury:

Desire for public acclamation, professional ambition, success as orator, writer, advertising executive, unceasing pursuit or aim. (114)

Pluto conjunct Venus:

You have an intense need for love. You feel madly in love with your partner, there is a strong feeling of attraction to a person, artistic creativity, exceptional power of attraction.

We are also asked to learn to love ourselves more.


Pluto sextile Mars:

This is a time of working fever, where we exert copious amounts of energy into pursuing our goals.


Pluto conjunct Jupiter:

Desire for great influence in spiritual or material fields, desire to lead the masses, to bring about social or religious reform, brilliant organizational talent, achievement of great success, pursuit of fanatic goals, desire to exploit others, extravagance, conflict with authorities. Time to say goodbye to an old way of life, and welcome the new with open arms.


Pluto trine Jupiter:

Desire for great influence in spiritual or material fields, desire to lead the masses, brilliant organizational talent, achievement of great success. (129)


Pluto trine Saturn:

Advance through tenacity, perseverance and untiring effort, self-discipline, sacrifice, participation in public efforts, to be silent and act. (125)


Pluto opposition Saturn:

During this time you are forced to let go of either a relationship, material possessions and money, or morals and values. Whatever it is, it is stunting your growth. (137)


Most people do not want to let go of whatever it is we are being asked to let go of, which makes it all the more difficult. You feel as if you are stripped naked, and everyone can see your deepest darkest fears about yourself. You feel as if they are on display for all to see. You are building the framework for future success. (264)


You feel as if you are working so hard, yet getting nowhere in a hurry, for success in the eyes of others, is not readily apparent at this time. You feel as if there is a lot of cruelty coming from outside forces at this time. At the end of this transit, you will be a lot stronger for it. (230)

Pluto square Uranus:

 Subversive plans, confrontation with the question of either-or, difficult decisions, unforeseen and vitally important crisis, sudden separation. (128)

Pluto conjunct Neptune:

Refined spiritual life, great sensitivity, active imagination, subject to illusion, unusual experiences, transcendental inclinations, spirituality, obscurity in inner life, peculiar circumstances, pursuit of fantastic ideas with subsequent disappointment, self-torture, craving alcohol, nicotine, severe loss.


Pluto conjunct Pluto:

This transit will never occur in anyone’s lifetime, as Pluto takes 248 years to make a full transit to its natal position.

Pluto conjunct Ascendant:

This marks a time of tremendous change within your personality. You will want to get to know yourself like never before. Any therapy contributing towards total regeneration of self is beneficial to you during these years, and you will no doubt pursue these avenues.


You have an intense need to control the environment around you at this time, which may or may not be beneficial. You may find your personality is prone to getting into power struggles with others at this time. Once you harness the energy, you can be effective agents of change in your life.


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