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Amy Chalker

"As Above, So Below".

Soul Readings

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Guidance on life direction, Sydney, Australia.

I am here to support you and offer advice and guidance on how to better understand the cycles of life and energy present at a given point in time. Sometimes life can weigh heavily on us, and we may not always understand all that occurs around us or to us, but there is always a higher purpose and a reason for what happens in our lives.

If you are confused about life, it is because you are only seeing a piece of the puzzle. The whole picture is not yet clear. We all essentially make our own choices in life, astrology simply gives us foreknowledge.

Please send me an email with regards to any queries you may have, and I will get back to you as soon as time permits.

Love Always,

Amy X.

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   Soul Readings -

"As Above, So Below".

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