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Looking at the year ahead - 2020

Posted on 28 December, 2019 at 4:05

1st January 2020 – 31st December 2020:

A look at the year ahead.

An overview of the year shows that there is success of self, positive communications, and happiness surrounding associations mixed in with the harsh way people have been treating each-other throughout 2019. People love in a deeply harsh manner throughout 2020. People also are looking towards breaking down outmoded rules and regulations of government authorities, and creating a new way of life.

There is a whole hidden life other people do not see. Meeting karma head on, obsession with our thoughts, powerful persona, but also like an angel is sitting on your shoulder – everything will work out for you, just in the nick of time. Meditation would be therapeutic.

There is emotional sensitivity, which means being careful about who you associate with, as you can take on their energy and think that it is you when it is not. We have a diplomatic manner this year, or other people find us attractive.

A sudden change of residence or doing something unusual from your home may be on the cards.

• Active up until 19th February 2020: there may be confusion surrounding your individuality, or a feeling of being out-of-control – you will benefit from this period, when you look at it in retrospect.

• 30th June – till after December 2020: this marks an exciting period, where you are able to express yourself like never before. This expression comes easily. For those females that are single, this period may indicate sudden involvement with a male.

• Active up until mid-March 2020: there is a lot of socialising, new ideas and plans for the future. Relationships may end as quickly as they begin under this transit. This period marks either a trigger to start a relationship – which you will have to wait till after March 2020 if it will be long lasting. Otherwise it is getting you out of a rut.

• End of May till after December 2020: sudden unpredictable associations. Associations which change our life direction in line with our true purpose. New and exciting groups of people, a new relationship or change of career.

• Active till mid-March 2020 and early April 2020: tension, stress, separation; revolutionary energy in the sky. Good time to do a chuck out, as this helps you to let go of things in your mind.

• Early March 2020 – End of November 2020: disciplined energy. This is a good time to undertake anything that requires endurance and discipline. Controlled use of your energy.

• Early April till end of November 2020: the spiritual and material sides of life cause a slight obstacle, which creates a bit of sadness.

• Early April till the end of November 2020: this marks the beginning of a positive 12 year growth cycle. Beneficial people may come into your life during this period. This period denotes a lot of happiness and expansion in the immediate surroundings/environment.

• Early March to November 2020: freedom from restriction – change of job, relationship or residence (in a nutshell).

• Mid-March to Mid-November 2020: time to say goodbye to an old way of life and to welcome the new with open arms. A lot of potential for building success in business or financial realms of life, or things blowing out of control. Reaching a pinnacle goal towards the end of the year.

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